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R.E.A.D ​​​​​​​

Read Everything And Discover at Green Lea First School

At Green Lea First School, we Read Everything And Discover

At Green Lea First School, we aim to inspire and develop, in every child, a passion for reading and a love of books.
As one of our initiatives to inspire children to read for pleasure, we have put together a list of 100 great reads for all children from Nursery to Year 4.
We are setting all children the challenge to complete the R.E.A.D Challenge by reading these 100 books by the time they leave Green Lea First School at the end of Year 4.

There will be fantastic rewards along the way!

Thank you to FoGL and everyone for the donations of books to ensure we have the collections needed to provide the R.E.A.D Challenge. It has been a huge undertaking of not only cupboard raiding, shop and internet searching but also contacting authors. It has been a real community effort, thank you so much from Team Green Lea.

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